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Curb Your Dog Signs: Frequently Asked Questions


The phrase “curb your dog” can have different contextual meanings. According to Lexico, it means you should lead your dog near the curb to urinate or defecate to prevent him/her from soiling buildings, pavements, etc. You must pick up after your dog to display basic etiquette and comply with applicable pooper scooper laws.

“Curb your dog” could also mean that you should control your dog either through a leash or by confinement to your private property. This meaning would usually apply in places like parks where not everyone may appreciate the idea of a freely roaming canine.


Curb training refers to training your dog to do his business by the curb on a street rather than on the sidewalk. Curb training becomes important in large metropolitans especially, where a lack of easily accessible green spaces and shortage of private yards makes dogs pooping on streets unavoidable. Hence, most major cities have put in place a curb training policy for the benefit of dogs, their owners, and other road users.


Simply put, “Curb Your Dog” signs are reminders that serve the dual purpose of alerting dog owners and promoting the safety of humans, animals, and the dog in question. When placed on streets and sidewalks, these signs remind dog walkers that their pets must defecate by the curb. When used in parks and gardens, the signs ensure dog owners restrain their dogs and prevent unwelcome introductions and encounters. “Curb Your Dog” signs are a zero-interaction way to get dog owners to act responsibly and not let their beloved pets run amok.


Curb training is not as difficult as it may seem. The following ideas may help:
- Start early. The younger the dog, the easier it will be to train him/her.
- Do not go easy on rewards. As with other behaviors, positive reinforcement will reinforce your curb training efforts and build the habit for life.
- When starting with curb training, you may have to lift your dog and place him at the right spot. You must keep an eye on him/her so he/she doesn’t wander and eliminate where not allowed.
Once your dog is done, remember to clean up after him as a responsible dog owner and a good neighbor.


Making dogs poop at the curb solves many problems. It is convenient for a lot of dog owners who may not have their own yards or find it difficult to take their pets to the park each day. Choosing the curb over the sidewalk prevents possible nasty surprises for unsuspecting pedestrians who may otherwise step in dog poop.

Where sidewalks are extensions of somebody’s property, streets belong to the city and are cleaned regularly. Hence, when dogs are curb trained, their droppings are cleaned by the street sweepers even if the owner forgets to clean up after. This way random heaps of poop are never allowed to form and the streets remain clean as do the pedestrians' footwear.


There are certain rules of etiquette that all responsible dog owners follow when walking their beloved pet. These include:

- Leash the dog - While most states and local jurisdictions have leash laws, putting a leash on your pet shouldn’t be a matter of enforcement. It is basic good behavior on your part and ensures the safety of your dog, other animals, and humans.

- Clean up after - Another fairly simple rule. Disposing of your dog’s poop is your responsibility, not your neighbor’s or the municipality’s. You should have a poop disposal bag handy and pick up after your dog without any misses. If a sense of responsibility is not enough, know that “Scoop the poop” is a law in many states, cities, and towns.

- Be respectful - While you may be super proud of your dog and think of him/her as the most well-behaved dog ever, please do not let him/her interact with other humans without their permission. It is equally important to ensure your dog does not cause distress to other pets and wildlife.

- Do not trespass - Keep your dog in check at all times. Him/her walking through/peeing or pooping on other people’s property qualifies as trespassing. It is certainly not something that good neighbors and responsible dog owners allow to happen.

- Stay alert - This is crucial for the safety of your pet as well as that of others. Keep an eye out for approaching vehicles, animals, and any triggers your dog may be sensitive to. It is highly recommended to stay off your phone and focus solely on spending quality time with your furry buddy.

Looking for Curb Your Dog Signs?
Looking for Curb Your Dog Signs?
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